To whom it may concern,
I’d like to express my appreciation for a job well done on my residential roof replacement. I am a single woman who has experiencing difficulty with filing a claim and understanding the process. Pat was a great help in working with me and actually fixed some areas of my roof that other inspections had overlooked. His crew was polite and professional and completed all the work agreed upon in a timely manner. Work was done for me that went beyond the initial appraisal and I feel confident that I have a roof that will give me peace of mind. I would recommend Pat as a quality roofing professional. - Seni Owasso, OK

I started my search by looking on Angie's list for roofers and called or emailed the top rated ones for quotes. I received 2 quotes and 1 call back. We considered adding a new steel roof over the existing shingles, so I contacted several more that specialized in metal roofs. Pat Fryer from Metalsbetter Roofing called back and we discussed the pros and cons of metal or shingles. He answered many questions by email, gave me references to call, and gave us a quote that was several thousand dollars lower than the others. He gave me his cell phone number, communicated every step of the way about delivery of materials, start date, etc, and LISTENED to my questions and concerns as well. It was blazing hot here the days they roofed so they took many breaks, but worked 12+ hours for 2 days to finish. Pat discussed what they found under the old roof and worked diligently to repair it efficiently. They put tarps down to catch the old shingles, cleaned up everything very well, and even painted the old vents on the roof to match. Best of all, he did not require payment until the job was completed. I have never had a better experience with a contractor, and the roof looks great! - Alaynna Madole/ Tulsa

I without hesitation will recommend Metalsbetter Roofing for the great job they did on our roof. They were professional in every way and knowledgeable in all aspects of the job. They were completed in one day. The price was very competitive with other roofing companies. Pat and his crew are #1 in my book. - Jon Allem, Sand Springs, OK

I have already recommended him to my friends. He is the best, would use him again in a heartbeat. He does quality work, very fast in his work. - Jack Catlett, Sand Springs, OK

Pat you guys did a wonderful job! I know it was a big mess(5-layers) when you got up there, but thank you so much for keeping my plants safe and doing such a great job cleaning up. - Kay Pulley, Cleveland, OK.

Pat it didn’t leak! - C. J. Watkins, Tulsa, OK

I have been in the building industry for several years now; and it’ real nice to find someone you don’t have to worry about messing up the job. Pat you do a nice job! Thanks. I’ve got three more coming up this month for you. - Ben Maier, Admire Custom Homes, Broken Arrow, OK

I would highly recommend Metalsbetter Roofing and Sheet Metal for your next roof. I talked with several roofers when it came time to replace my roof. I had a tar and gravel roof and I knew I did not want that type roof as a replacement, so I started investigating metal roof options. When I started talking with Pat , I was impressed by his willingness to answer the many questions I had about metal roofs. Since I had never had a metal roof I wanted to make sure it was the right option. I did a lot of research online as well, and came back to Pat with my questions, and he were very patient with me and answered my questions in a timely manner. I was pleased by the detailed professional estimates he gave me, there were no hidden costs, all the details were included.

When the work began on my roof, the crew was polite and hard working as well as paying attention to details. I honestly feel I could not have done a better job myself. The workmanship and attention to details pleased me very much. As the work progressed, they were quick to bring to my attention problems with my decking, and giving their recommendations on repair before the new roof went down. There were no surprises at the end of the job with the cost increase due to the decking repairs.
They also did a good job at cleaning up after the work. That was no small task considering all the tar and gravel that was on my roof.

Now that my new roof has been in place for several months I can say with confidence it was a great choice. Pat followed up with a call several months after the work to check on how things were with the new roof. Consider Metalsbetter for your roofing project, and consider replacing your old shingle roof with a long lasting metal roof.

I am sold on metal roofs...The cost on a metal roof vs a compo shingle roof is very close. The metal roof cost a few thousand more, but the benefits are a much longer life span than the typical shingle roof, and resistance to storm damage. Insurance companies like metal roofs as they are fire resistant. During a home fire the metal roof virtually prevents roof burn through thus not allowing air to enter the attic to spread the fire. Also, the metal roof is environmentally friendly as it is nearly 100% recyclable and does not have to end up in a landfill. I feel my choice to have a metal roof was a responsible, and pratical roof solution in todays world where everyone is thinking "Green". - Jeff S. Tulsa, Oklahoma

I am the kind of person who does a lot of research before embarking on a sizable purchase. I want the best product and the most for my money. I feel like the metal roof is absolutely the way to go, in terms of longevity you can't beat it.
I called several roofers and they would come out and say they would take the job and never call back. Some of these roofers I had come to the house were questionable and I was not impressed with them. It was turning out to be a horrible experience.
Finally I got on the internet and found metalsbetter.com. I filled out the information and immediately received a reply. Pat contacted us and said he would come out and inspect the roof. He came out not with a bunch of people but looked at the roof himself. He presented us with estimates and in the process his communication was excellent, timely, and courteous. Wow what a nice change from what we had experienced previously. What really impressed me was the time he took to discuss what we wanted, he brought samples and did not rush us into making our decision. We asked a lot of questions and he was informative and honest about what we wanted. This was a large investment for us and you want to know exactly what to expect.

Pat and his crew told us how long it would take and the time estimate was accurate. He is very meticulous and pays attention to detail. We have skylights and I know that was not an easy task. The clean up was great didn't leave anything for us to pick up. I am so happy with my metal roof. I can honestly say I would recommend him and his crew to anyone. He is one of the best as far as I am concerned. He knows what he is doing and does it well. I know the roof does NOT LEAK, Oklahoma rains have tested that for me. Highly recommend Pat, call him you will be glad you did!!!!!!!! - Sherrri  Sperry, OK

I am extremely grateful to Pat and his company for a job very well done!  Pat was very competitive on price, and his crew did an outstanding job on my roof.  They were very efficient and mindful of my property and cleaned up their mess before they left.  Pat is a very honest and hard working man, and I do not hesitate to recommend his company to anyone who has roofing needs. - Richard Farris, Business Relations Admin., Owasso, OK

"My wife and I were very impressed with Pat's integrity, reasonable cost, and quality work.  I did not hesitate to recommend him to my sister, to friends, and to our church for a new clay tile work.  The jobs ranged from shingles to metal to clay tile.  It's great to do business with a person you know you can trust at his word. " - Merle Allison

I want to write you this letter Pat to share with prospective customers.
I am what most would refer to as an extreme do it yourselfer. I did the siding , windows,  A/C, and many interior home projects as well as building a pool, shops and many other projects by myself. The point is I never hire anyone to do anything because I am very skeptical. When faced with the steep pitch on my roof and the time frame it needed to be completed in and I realized it was a job to hire out. I interviewed and received quotes from 6 roofing contractors in the Tulsa area I found on the internet. From the initial meeting I was impressed with Pats professionalism and knowledge. I did a fair amount of research on what products and manufacturer installation procedures. Pat scored 100% he knew what he was doing, very familiar with all the issues of a metal roof and very knowledgeable about a high quality lifetime warranty GAF/ELK asphalt shingle installation. The other roofers were already looking to cut corners. During the initial meeting. Then the quotes came in, the range was quite diverse from 7K to 15K and the detail of the quotes varied a lot too. Pat was not the cheapest but had by far the most detailed quote, a drawing of the roof with measurements, exact, accurate material names, quantity to be supplied and also was the only one who was willing to replace rotten trim priced by the linear foot. ( I supplied pre-primed and painted boards). Pat was also very willing to work with me on material selection , warranty and color without ever changing the quote! The job began, the material was delivered on my driveway a few days before they were to begin. On the day they were to start the crew arrived on time even though Pats truck broke down he made no excuses, he was there! The crew worked diligently, not rushing but working steady and taking an occasional break and sharing the work. For those who never have done physical labor this is important slow and steady and knowing all aspects of a job will produce a superior job to rushing and specialized workers every time.  The crew cleaned up after work every day even though they worked from 7:30am to 8:30pm every day. I did allow them to leave the trash trailer in my driveway overnight since his truck was broke and the dump wouldn’t be open till the morning anyway. No big deal I’m in the country. When they finished on the third day ,I was impressed. I was not home when they finished and came home late in the afternoon. The roof looked fantastic. I walked around and they did an excellent job replacing the trim. I still need to caulk and touch up paint but it was straight and spliced in very nice.  The yard was spotless, actually better than when they arrived, they picked up quite a few broken branches that had dropped from my pecan trees as well as all the small trash. I have yet to find a nail or anything they missed. FANTASTIC experience! I want to highly recommend Pats company to all who reads this. I know every situation is different but in talking with PAT I truly believe he will do his best to give you a quality job at a fair price. From material delivery to paying the bill was a fine experience. Thank you Pat and thanks to your entire crew too!

The Froehlings

To Whom It May Concern:,

Oakridge Builders would like to take this opportunity to express our valued relationship between Metalsbetter Roofing & Sheet Metal and ourselves. Over the last few years, Metalsbetter Roofing & Sheet Metal has completed Connors State College Student Center stand seam metal roof, soffit panels, gutters and downspouts at the Muskogee Campus with a value of $135,000.00. We currently have one project under contract with Metalsbetter Roofing & Sheet Metal for the Verdigris Public Schools, which is a new Administration Build. The value of their subcontract for the Verdigris Administration Building is $62,201.00 dollars.

Throughout our past projects, we have yet to have any suppliers and or employees call us to express concern about payments. We have found Pat Fryer and his employees to be conscientious about the quality of their work, scheduling and safety of their employees. We at Oakridge Builders look forward to a long and beneficial relationship between the two companies and their principals. - Charles R. Hogan, Oakridge Builders, Project Manager