Cee-Lock Standing Seam panel

The Cee-Lock Standing Seam panel is attached with a standing seam clip and also offers a weather vinyl seal for low slope applications. This type of standing seam system provides very high wind uplift resistance and structural integrity and is predominantly found on commercial buildings. It comes in 24 gauge and is Class IV impact resistant, Class A fire resistant and has an EnergyStar compliant coating. It features approximately 1 3/8” high ribs and a net coverage of 16 1/2 inches.


Snap-Lock panel

The Snap-Lock panel is installed with concealed clips and fasteners requiring no mechanical seaming. It has become an increasingly popular choice for commercial and residential customers. It is Class IV impact resistant, Class A fire resistant and has an EnergyStar compliant coating. This panel has a 1 1/2” rib, features widths from 12”-20” and comes in 26 gauge.

No Dollar Limit Warranty

Metalsbetter Roofing & Sheet Metal can offer you a warranty in both metal (standing seam) and single ply (TPO) roof systems. We are pleased to offer our NDL (No Dollar Limit) premium flat roof warranty. Our NDL, or 15, 20, or even 30 year No Dollar Limit warranty guarantees you the best warranty in the industry backed by the industry's top manufacturers such as:


Firestone speaks for itself as one of the nation's leading manufacturers of roofing products. We are pleased to be one of the few Firestone CERTIFIED installers in the region. For just 10 cents a foot we can offer you a warranty that will ensure the longevity of your roof system and give you up to 30 years of piece of mind.


Berridge Metal Roofing ExampleBerridge manufactures a metal roof panel that is second to none. As one of the industry leaders, Berridge offers a 15 and 20 year NDL as well.

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Roof Ready Maintenance Program

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