Troubleshooting Three Common Issues for Tiny Houses With Metal Roofs

Oct 14 2015

The tiny house movement that favors small living spaces of just 100 – 400 square feet over unnecessarily large and wasteful homes is exciting for many reasons. People are joining this new social revolution in staggering numbers to help encourage simplified, back-to-the-land living and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. While many love the concept, the actual construction of these tiny houses can present challenges. Roofing is one such challenge, as tiny homes have unique demands. Here are three common issues for small houses with residential metal roofing in Tulsa and how to solve them. 

  1. Install Like a Pro

 Metal roofing is the preferred choice for owners of tiny homes for many reasons, but those can all go out the window if the roof isn’t installed correctly. For example, many people choose a metal roof because it is extra strong and will not leak in a rainstorm. This is absolutely true, but the roof must be installed properly in order to safeguard exposure areas like eaves, side-laps, end-laps, and rakes. When in doubt, invest in a quality contractor to do the installation for you.

  1. Invest in Rust Protection

Rust is another problem you don’t want to mess with. This can be an area where homeowners try to cut costs, because some types of commercial metal roofing in Tulsa are available with and without specialty coating that prevents rust from forming. Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense up front, the quality of materials you invest in will directly impact the longevity of your roof. If you plan to live in an area where rain is common, like Tulsa, it’s ultimately worth it to invest in high quality, coated metal. 

  1. Inspect After Storms

A little maintenance can go a long way, and little houses are no different. One of the best things you can do to extend the life of your metal roof and tiny home is to check for damage after storms. The sooner you’re able to spot signs of dents, damage, or leaks, the sooner you can call a local contractor to fix them and get your roof working like new.

With a little troubleshooting and the right materials, metal roofing in Tulsa will keep your small home working in big ways.