Energy Efficiency and Metal Roofing in Tulsa, OK

Jun 18 2015

Homeowners have many choices when it comes to different roofing materials, and it’s common to wonder what the advantages and disadvantages are between asphalt shingles and metal roofing in Tulsa, OK. The reality is that while shingles may carry a lower price tag upfront, these systems are much more susceptible to energy loss, poor efficiency, and higher maintenance fees than hardy metal roofs. Here are three ways residential and commercial metal roofing in Tulsa, OK can save you thousands in energy bills and maintenance.

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  1. Metal Roofs Cool Heat Quickly

Unlike its asphalt counterpart, residential metal roofing in Tulsa, OK is engineered to cool heat quickly and save nearly 40% in energy costs. This is thanks to the reflective properties of metal, which bounces sunlight off of the roof and away from your home. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are known to absorb sunlight and retain heat. Not only do they heat your home up and cause you to spend more on air conditioning and cooling costs, they can even increase the air temperature around your home and in your neighborhood.

  1. Metal Roofs Last Many Decades 

The energy savings can be staggering with metal roofs, particularly because they are built to withstand several decades of use. With proper care, a metal roof can easily last for 50 years or longer. Asphalt shingles typically need to be replaced every 20 years, which adds to maintenance costs as well as environmentally harmful landfill waste. Metal roofs not only cut down on costs, they place less stress on our planet.

  1. Metal Roofs Require Little Maintenance

 Another way a metal roof can save you money is in maintenance costs. While shingles are extremely vulnerable to damage from the area’s severe weather, especially hail, metal systems are impervious to rain, hail, lightning, and winds up to 150mph. Besides fixing the occasional dent, your metal roof will require significantly less maintenance than asphalt shingle systems.

These are just three of the best ways a metal roof can increase efficiency and save you thousands in energy and maintenance costs.